Top Must-Watch Movies So Far In 2023

Telugu movies download is one of the best options for India’s most cherished and popular film genres. They can choose this particular option to escape from standing in long queues. The new Telugu films are available to viewers. These movies are recognised for their stunning cinematography, beautiful soundtracks, and gripping stories. Whether you like Telugu or Bollywood movies, you must view these.

This post will discuss the greatest Telugu films ever. To learn more about the best Telugu movies ever made, including box office hits like Baahubali and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and well-regarded movies like Attarintiki Daredi and Annamalai, continue reading.

Best Movies to watch out for


The story is built and focussed on the lives of Nazia, the role being played by Bhandhavi Sridhar and her mother Neelam, and the role played by Sangitha. Both characters are pretty typical for those in the middle class. They keep good relations with their neighbour, software worker Gopi Krishna, the character being played by Thiruveer. Masooda generally succeeds to some level in terms of uniqueness and authenticity.

The performances and technical mastery provide a great depth to the film, but the opening hour’s slow tempo and lag cause issues. Those who enjoy viewing horror movies are welcome to try them. Nazia begins acting strangely when everything appears to be going according to plan, shocking Neelam and Gopi to their core. Gopi has told Neelam that her daughter is possessed and in need of exorcists.

The further proceeding of the story revolves around whether they are out of the situation. It’s commendable that the filmmakers stayed loyal to the horror subgenre without adding pointless humour. From its main plot, the movie only went a little.

Additionally, the horror story was presented freshly, and this novelty element aided the movie significantly. The second half of the film is crucial since it is here that the mystery unfolds, and the plot thickens after that. The pre-climax and climax episodes stand out because they provide goosebumps. Most of the time, the movie moves at a pretty slow pace, and the first half, in particular, drags a bit. A stronger screenplay would have increased the impact because the first half’s scene transitions are not smooth.

18 Pages

A story that takes place throughout 18 pages centres on a software developer named Sidhu, who Nikhil Siddharth portrays, and Nandhini, who Anupama Parameswaran describes. She betrays Sidhu, who is in love with another girl. In the meantime, Siddhu discovers Nandini’s diary while he is depressed. Siddhu starts reading it and slowly starts to like her. The plot turns dramatic when Siddhu tries to meet Nandhini after learning fascinating facts about her. Questions include whether he has made her feel unique to him. This is the main subject of the film.

Additionally, 18 Pages presents a moral love tale that viewers can relate to. The two main characters give outstanding performances. The fact that the film often maintains a light tone is lovely. If one can get past the relatively slow second half and the repetitious flashback scenes, the movie still makes for a fine watch this weekend. Anupama’s character starts with a suspenseful factor, but she eventually sounds pretty cliche.

Even though Nikhil and Anupama don’t meet until the end, one can sense their chemistry. The text is well-balanced, including both humorous and romantic passages. The songs serve as the narrative’s driving force and are thoughtfully positioned. The film’s first half is constructed by the director in a light and straightforward style with some enjoyable comedy. The climax is once more lovely and understated, which is effective.


The audiences must desire to see the Telugu industry’s new movies. Every filmmaker builds their films with a mindset to reach more customers. A detailed analysis has been provided to the readers of this article to make it more user-friendly. In their respective films, Sai KiranPalnati and Surya Pratap have done an appreciated job.

This is an entertaining blog post about new movies Telugu. It discusses the different types of films and how to choose. We hope you enjoy this blog. Watch out for these movies to add them to your list for 2023!