Is Yoga Beneficial for The Human Body?

Healthy Lifestyle

Asanas and Pranayama are practiced by sages and saints since time immemorial. The modern-day exercises have evolved from traditional asanas. It focuses on cardio, flexibility, correct body posture, and breathing exercises which help to soothe the mind. It’s a form of exercise that has originated in the South Asian part of the world. The asanas and pranayama together with several other exercises and postures are collectively called yoga.

Why should we do Yogasanas?

In recent times taking care of one’s well-being and maintenance is a crucial task. Some various celebrities and brands advertise the benefits of asanas and exercises with the sole focus of having a toned body and a great physique. Taking a broader perspective, however, meditation and breathing exercises possess a variety of health benefits. The increase in competition between people in various fields such as jobs as well as in the academic aspects it results in a constant state of stress and anxiety among the population. An individual can develop mindfulness by practicing asanas, thereby becoming more attentive to what is going on in the present and focusing on a particular aspect of life at a time. Peaceful mental well-being can help a person to make precise decisions in life.


Various benefits of Asanas

Generally, adults who are in the range of 60-65 years of age experience falling due to improper balance and reduction in muscle flexibility (the natural effects of aging). These falls can result in various harmful effects such as fracture of bones, dislocation of joints, and many more. Asanas and pranayama would be very beneficial in helping senior citizens improve their balance and flexibility, reducing their chances of falling.

Yoga has been proven to treat hypertension, cardiovascular problems, arthritis, and many other diseases by various studies and research.

  • Having good mental health is a vital factor and asanas can provide great help in improving symptoms of depression and anxiety in an individual.
  • Boosting immunity is also a major benefit of practicing yoga asanas.
  • Builds your strength and immunity: It has been commonly observed that yoga is associated with strength building and improving flexibility. In research, Yoga was the most found form of exercise in healthy people. Yoga has the power to improve cell mediated immunity which strengthens our body’s immunity, making us insusceptible to illness or diseases.

Therefore, it can be concluded from above that yoga is very beneficial in terms of the overall well-being of an individual as it helps in developing an inner awareness as well as aids in the prevention and treatment of various respiratory problems.