Compare CT Electric Suppliers

Electricity Plans in Texas

As a business owner, you can save on your electricity rates by shopping for an energy supplier with the lowest ct electric prices. Connecticut has a deregulated power market that gives residential and commercial customers the opportunity to switch to a competitive electricity supplier to generate their supply at a lower rate. These competing suppliers are known as retail energy providers (REPs). Once you’ve opted to shop for a new supplier, your local utility company, Eversource or UI will still deliver and bill for your energy service.

While there have been some major price increases from the state’s two major utilities, you can find a better rate by switching to a REP. You can get started today by entering your zip code into the Energize CT Compare Rates tool. The site will display a list of offers from different suppliers near you. It takes just minutes to do and it is completely free of charge.

Currently, both Eversource and UI have doubled their standard offer generation charges this winter as the cost of natural gas, which fuels most of the country’s power plants, has increased. The standard offer generation charge is what’s listed on the supply side of your bill. The distribution/delivery charges, set by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), remain the same.

The bottom line is that it has never been easier to shop for a better rate on your electricity. The best ct electricity companies have been able to keep their costs low because of the competition in the industry. By using a reputable site, you can quickly see what the offers are and then choose which one is right for you.

Once you’ve found a plan that works, all you have to do is authorize your switch and the supplier will handle everything else. You won’t be charged any fees, there will be no interruption in your service and the transition will take place seamlessly on your next monthly utility bill.

If you’re looking for greener options, a lot of providers have those available as well. You can opt to purchase renewable energy or help support clean energy initiatives. You can also save money by reducing consumption, purchasing energy-efficient equipment or participating in demand response programs.

When you’re ready to start saving, simply enter your zip code in the Energize ct electric rates tool and you can compare real-time offers from the top energy suppliers. If you have any questions, our energy specialists are standing by to assist you.

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